The Company

The Company was established in 1962 in Pistoia, which is in the middle of Tuscany and , in 1983, moved to the actual head quarter at Serravalle Pistoiese. For three generations it has been producing “Made in Italy “carded yarns, combining the innovations of a young and dynamic Management team, with tradition, technical knowhow, and experience.

The mission of the company is to provide the best, high quality and performance yarns, using the combination of continuous research and the development of product, with a low environmental impact, and by carefully controlled use of recycled and eco-sustainable raw materials.

In line with the tradition developed in our textile heritage , the Company continuously innovates, thanks to targeted investments, (1) In order to innovate and keep updated the machines , (2) To improve – at the same time – the production and flexibility of its capacity and (3) To use modern technical apparatus, and trained personnel, to control and test, that the high quality is continuous and maintained, and to ensure the excellence of the final product.

Special care is devoted to the customer’s needs, thanks to the exclusive services offered by the company, its management, and all the staff, such as product’s traceability, quality controls, the study and development of new special yarns, faithful reproduction of customer’s color, custom made packaging of the yarns, and a call off service on ordered material kept in stock.


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