The company pays special attention to services offered to customers, which can be personalized according to their single need.

From the accurate selection of raw materials to the final packaging, the company provides the best solutions for the final use of the product.

Special care is devoted to research and development of new materials with a low environmental impact and the use of recycled and eco-sustainable raw materials.

Offered Services:

Study and development  of special yarns based on specific customers’ requests using raw materials that can satisfy the market’s latest needs

Laboratory analysis to provide the technical parameters of the yarn, in terms of fastness to light, wash and rubbing;  of tensile strength; of yarn count measurement, and its own coefficient of variation.

Study and reproduction of color, ensuring a traceability and continuity of color reproduction among different batches using specific machines (Data Color spectrophotometer)

Quality controls on yarn during the whole process, throughout the collection, control and storage of all the technical data found during the process

According to the customer’s needs and requests, whether for technical or aesthetical reasons, we provide services to personalize both the yarn’s confection and the packaging

Call off service on ordered goods in stock, with the possibility to take it within a certain agreed period of time from its production.


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