Classical Collection

The products maintain the natural effect, with the yarn looking both shiny and dull, and with a high fastness to light, abrasion and rubbing.

These yarns are offered in many different colors, from the more natural ones, to more particular and personalized ones.
They are manufactured from natural, synthetic, and artificial fibers, using both virgin and recycled wool, polyester, modacrylic, polyamide and viscose.

The products, thanks to its flame retardant characteristics and high performances to abrasion and pilling, are mainly used for Contract Furnishing and some apparel fabrics.
The yarn count may vary from Nm 5.000to Nm 16.000 and the yarn can be offered in the single end or twisted, and multi folded.

MARTE100% Polyester Trevira CsBright Polyester FR 6,7 dtex
VEGA100% Polyester FRBright Polyester FR 3,3 / 6,7 dtex
LONDRA100% PolyesterPolyester 3,3 / 6,7 dtex ; on demand version for Food use
GIPETO97% Polyester Fr Trevira CS 3% ElastanBright Polyester FR 6,7 dtex + Dorlastan filament
FLOX100% Polyester Trevira CsDull Polyester FR 3,3 dtex
MAIA100% Polyester Trevira CsBright carded yarn + bright filament (Fancy yarn)
FENICE100% Polyester Trevira CsBright carded yarn + bright filament (Fancy construction)
PERSEO100% Polyester Trevira CsDull carded yarn + bright filament (Slubby Chain fancy yarn)
TUCANO100% Polyester Trevira CsDull carded yarn + bright filament (Fancy construction)
SAHARA100% Modacrylic Sevel FrSBright Modacrylic 5,6 dtex
AIRONE100% Modacrylic Sevel FrDull Modacrylic 3,3 dtex
FLAMOD45% Virgin Wool 45% Modacrylic 10% PolyamideNZ Wool 30 mic + bright modacrylic 5,6 dtex + polyamide 6,7 dtex
TEVERE67% Virgin Wool 33% Viscose ( Min. 20% Vi- Fr)NZ Wool 30 mic + bright viscose 5,6 / 6,7 dtex
GARDA70% Polyester 30% Virgin WoolNZ Wool 30 mic + polyester 6,7 dtex
VENUS50% Virgin Wool 50% ViscoseWool 22/24 mic + bright viscose 3,3 dtex
PEGASO60% Viscose 40% Virgin WoolNZ wool 30 mic + bright viscose 6,7 dtex
ARNO60% Viscose 40% WoolRecycled wool + bright viscose
ADIGE80% Virgin Wool 20% PolyamideNZ Wool 30 mic + polyamide 6,7 dtex
AMALFI100% Virgin Wool Wool 21 mic
DALIA100% Virgin Wool Wool 23 mic
OSLO100% Virgin Wool Australia Wool 24 mic
GIGLIO100% Virgin Wool NZ Wool 27 mic
CARACAS100% Virgin Wool NZ Wool 29 / 30 mic
MARACAY100% Virgin Wool NZ wool 30 mic
SANTIAGO100% Virgin Wool NZ Wool 28 / 29 mic
CARYAR100% Virgin Wool NZ Wool 32 mic
ECOWOOL100% Virgin Wool Natural colors wool 28 / 30 mic


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