Natural Collection

This collection has been born from ongoing research aimed at developing the most updated products in order to meet the increasing demands of the market in terms of high technical and aesthetic performances starting from natural raw materials with low environmental impact.
The yarns in this  Natural collection are manufactured from a combination of animal and vegetal, like wool, viscose, bamboo, linen and others.

The productshave characteristics of good resistance to abrasion, pilling, rubbing, keeping at the same time a good soft and warm hand touch

The Natural collection has been developed for the furnishings contract and home market, upholstery, and in fabrics for apparel. The yarns are feasible in a wide range of counts that may vary from Nm 5.000  to Nm 9.500  and can be offered in single end or twisted , from 2 fold upward , both in the their natural color and dyed.

BAWOOL NM 1/8.30070% Virgin Wool 30% BambooNZ Wool 27 Mic + Natural bamboo ( NoViscose)
ECOWOOL NM 1/8.300100% Virgin WoolNZ Wool 27/28 Mic , Natural fibre colors ( Not dyed)
LAVILIN NM 1/7.20035% Wool 35% Viscose 30% Linen OT Wool 24 Mic + Raw natural col. Linen + Bright Viscose
LAVIBAM NM 1/8.30035% Wool 35% Viscose 30% BambooNZ Wool 27 Mic + Natural bamboo ( NoViscose)+ Bright Viscose
WOLLI NM 1/7.80070% Virgin wool 30% LinenNZ Wool 27 Mic + Raw natural col. Linen


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